Concrete And Steel Construction

ComSlab® is a combination of deep steel decking and a concrete cover slab that have cured together and bonded structurally as one element. This construction technique results in significant cost savings and is ideal for fast track construction; especially in tight working spaces.

The ComSlab® system from Bailey incorporates deep profile galvanized metal deck, standard concrete and single bar reinforcement to produce structurally efficient flooring systems suitable for a wide range of building applications.  ComSlab® will accommodate all structural systems including lightweight steel framing walls, structural steel beams, masonry or poured concrete walls/beams, insulated concrete forms or wood framing wall construction.  As compared to traditional cast-in-place concrete floors, the ComSlab® system is proven to save up to 40% in concrete, 50% in rebar and 50% in shoring resources.  Stiffer, stronger, and lighter than other floor systems, the use of ComSlab® means that the weight and size of the primary structure and the foundations can often be reduced.  This overall reduction in material resources and structural weight can lead to significant environmental benefits in addition to cost benefits.

Additionally, this unique concept achieves a very shallow overall structural floor and long clear spans of up to 10 metres allowing for open concept designs and higher ceiling heights within building layouts.  Along with serving as permanent formwork for the concrete, the rigid steel deck provides a safe working platform during construction, and its deep profile easily accommodates the placement of all services, ductwork and conduits.  Speed of erection, simplicity of design and affinity for all types of wall structure make ComSlab® the system of choice where construction schedule is paramount.  Rapid construction minimizes equipment hire costs, in particular cranage, which is of specific benefit when building in and around tight urban locations where large truck access is limited.  The nestable profile shape ensures efficient delivery to the construction site while reducing transport and handling costs.  Sections will be supplied pre-cut and pre-tagged based on shop drawings and details for even greater time and material savings.

Comslab Acoustical Performance
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ComSlab Long Span Concrete Flooring Brochure
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